• Sep 17 2021

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    Does Your Pet Have a Food Allergy?

    If your pet is constantly scratching or has frequent stomach issues, you might wonder if a food allergy is to blame. It’s possible, but what’s going on could be something…

  • Sep 17 2021

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    Obesity Awareness: Being Overweight Can Hurt Your Pet

    Images of chubby kitties and roly-poly pups may seem cute, not concerning, but overweight pets are a serious matter. Even just a few extra pounds or kilograms can unfortunately cause…

  • Jun 09 2021

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    Cruciate Ligament Injury in Dogs

    Dogs can suffer from a very painful knee injury called cruciate ligament rupture. The condition often leads to osteoarthritis. A cruciate ligament injury that isn’t treated may seem to improve…

  • May 17 2021

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    Heartworms, Intestinal Worms, and Your Pet

      Let’s talk about parasites. They aren’t a topic most people want to even think about, much less discuss, but as a pet owner, you want to protect your pet…

  • May 03 2021

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    Vaccinations: Preventive Care Crucial to Your Pet’s Health

      Vaccines help keep pets protected against serious, highly contagious, and life-threatening diseases. Certain vaccines are important for all dogs or cats, and your Bridle Trail veterinarian may recommend other…

  • Mar 11 2021

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    Ticks & Fleas

    Ticks and Fleas: More Than Just Irritating Pests This time of year, we start thinking more about parasites like ticks and fleas infesting our pets. These parasites become a greater…

  • Feb 08 2021

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    Pet Dental Health

    Pet Dental Health: Dogs and Cats Need Dental Care Too! This February, celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month with us by learning how to take care of your pet’s teeth….

  • Jan 25 2021

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    Osteoarthritis in Pets

    Arthritis in Dogs and Cats: A Painful Disease That May Get Worse in Winter Osteoarthritis (OA) is a painful, degenerative disease that causes inflammation in the joints, reduces pets’ ability…

  • Dec 21 2020

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    Pet Insurance

    Pet Insurance: Get Peace of Mind for Your Pet’s Veterinary Care If something unexpected happens to your pet, are you prepared to pay for the cost of veterinary services out…

  • Nov 26 2020

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    Your Pet’s Diet: What You Need to Know A well-balanced, complete diet is essential throughout your dog or cat’s life. But beyond that, considering the wide range of choices available,…