• Our Values: Compassion and Dedication

    Our office is dedicated to providing pets with compassionate care.

  • Breaking mews! How to get your pet to lose some weight

    Even older pets can lose weight so they can be healthier in their golden years. Let Mindy show you how it can be done.

  • We care for your pet

    Your pet is part of the family, and that is why we strive to provide the best care to keep your animal healthy.

  • Your pet deserves a healthy smile!

    In an added effort to provide your pet with quality care, we offer pet dental services in our veterinary office.

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Bridle Trail Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary services – delivered with courtesy and respect!

As a new client of Bridle Trail Veterinary Clinic, you can expect our full attention to your pets' needs. Our service will be provided with courtesy and respect.When you arrive for your appointment, you will be greeted warmly, and we will usher you into an examination room as soon as we have one available. Our goal is to see all of our clients and patients on time, and although we have contingencies for emergencies, there will be times where the unexpected will create delays. We will ensure...

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Their eyes should be clear and bright. Of course, it's normal that some secretions accumulate at the inside corners. All you have to do for that is gently wipe with a damp tissue or cloth (but avoid cotton swabs as they can leave fibers in the eyes).


Perhaps for a while now, you've noticed that your usually alert and playful pet seems listless. They don't play for very long or maybe not at all. They are easily out of breath and have difficulty breathing.


We often see allergies in cats and dogs, with irritation & scratching being the most common symptom. Symptoms can also include skin and ear infections. Therefore, you should consult your vet as soon as your pet starts scratching and can't seem to stop.


Your furry friend not as spry as they used to be? You've noticed that your dog no longer greets you at the door or your cat no longer jumps at the window. You could try to convince yourself that they are simply getting a little older and wiser.

Quality of life

Your cat or dog is part of your daily life, part of the family. They share your home and are sensitive to your moods. And have done and been so in some cases, for many years. In return, you care deeply for their health and well-being.


Our puppy wellness program is designed to help get your puppy started on the right path to a long and healthy life.

Preventative Medicine

Annual check ups are a chance for the veterinarian to perform a full physical exam on your pet. She will listen to your pet's heart and lungs with a stethoscope. Then, she will do a hands on examine to examine all of your pet's major organ systems (muscular, nervous system, skin, etc.).

Parasite Prevention

Heartworm, or Dirofilaria immitis, is a blood borne parasite that is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito.Mosquitoes ingest the infective larvae (or microfilariae) from a heartworm positive animal and transfers it to another animal.

Additional Service

  • Are you thinking of going away and can't take your pet? Who will take care of them while you're gone? Don't worry our clinic offer a boarding for our feline friends or we can recommend pet sitters that can watch them at the comfort of your home.


  • We do not offer dog boarding at the Bridle Trail Veterinary Clinic due to not having any overnight staff.However, we do have recommendations on excellent doggie day care or dog boarding facilities, which have been tested and approved by other clients.


  • Thousands of cats, dogs and other domestic animals are abandoned each year. Our clinic works with different rescues to provide them with the best veterinary care and help find forever homes for these petsBelow are links to some of the rescues we work with.


  • Grooming is important for both wild and domesticated animals. Watch any animal documentary and you'll notice that this is a daily ritual.


  • Are your dog's or cat's nails too long? Your pets nails need to be trimmed regularly. They can naturally wear down from walking on cement or scratching a scratching post, but most pet's nails still need to be trimmed.


  • Whether it is food supplies or fun toys, we can find supplies that fit your pet's needs.The right food can make a big difference in your pet's health. That's why we offer a wide variety of therapeutic diets for all life stages and disease conditions.




Arsenic Poisoning in Cats

What is arsenic poisoning?Arsenic poisoning is the accidental ingestion, skin contact, or inhalation of products containing a toxic dose of arsenic. Arsenic is a metal-like substance found naturally in rocks, soil, and water, but usually in very small, harmless amounts."Today, the most common...... read more

A Cleaner, Greener Home for Your Pets

Here are a few ways you can create a cleaner, greener home for you and your pet:. Reduce the impact eliminations have on the environment. This topic is no fun, but it's an important one. Dogs and cats have to ?go" and it's up to us to monitor their bodily functions and to provide suitable...... read more

Abscesses in Cats

The simple description of an abscess is a ?pocket of pus" located somewhere in the body. Abscesses are typically described anatomically by where they are located, for instance, a tooth root abscess occurs at the tip of a tooth root, and a subcutaneous abscess occurs under the skin. Typically, an...... read more

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    There is a reason why they say dogs are man's best friend; nothing beats coming home to a wagging tail and friendly face. Prior to dog ownership, however, it is important to understand the responsibilities that coincide with being a canine owner.


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