posted on 16 May 2018


The determination and wiry coat hark back to terrier breeds, with a sprinkle of flat-nosed breeds, giving them their distinct expression. The Affenpinscher originally called the Miniature Pinscher his brother, with both often born in the same litter. These were often scrappy little farm dogs, helping to keep the farmsteads free of rodents.

Affenpinschers can be a bit obstinate and might find the bird in the tree more interesting than heeling on leash. Distracting them and using play tactics work better than issuing orders. Bribes work too! Like monkeys, they can be mischievous, teasing other household pets. Other animals should be introduced when Affenpinschers are puppies - they're not crazy about sharing toys.

The coat might be one of many colors: black, red, gray, silver, or black and tan. The dog may be totally natural or have his ears cropped and tail docked.

These dogs' intelligence makes them good candidates for obedience or agility. They'll eagerly run through a tunnel to bark furiously at a caged rat. Firm, consistent, but gentle trainers have the greatest success in keeping the Affenpinscher's attention and respect.

Grooming & Care
Keep the coat from irritating the large eyes. Brush at least once a week. Neatness can be maintained by trimming with scissors or hand stripping like a terrier. The brachycephalic facial features mean care should be taken with extreme heat or cold.

Health Concerns
Some bone diseases, so wise to choose from OFA parents. Some may have heart murmurs or kidney problems. Hypothyroidism can occur.

Famous Affenpinscher
Banana Joe, the first Affenpinscher to win Best in Show at the Westminster dog show.

Ideal Owner
Activity Level 3
Schedule 5
Home 44
Children 49
Experience 51
Quick Facts
Grooming 13
Exercise 61
Challenges Barking, stubbornness
Height 8 to 14 inches
Weight 7 to 12 pounds
Life 12 to 14 years
Home Alone 84
With Kids 86
With Strangers 102
Availability 95
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