Alternative Medicine

Sometimes additional medicine is needed in combination to restore your pet to its optimal health

Physical Therapy

In some cases, for example dogs or cats that suffer from severe arthritis, medication and surgery is not the best course of treatment long term. There are specialist clinics that provide rehabilitation for these conditions. Our veterinarians can find the best rehab facility for your pet.

Most of our referrals go to 404 emergency and referral clinic. It is home to "Bailey's Place" which is a full hydrotherapy facility and great staff that help with therapeutic excercises.

Contact our clinic for more information or check out the link below.


Another alternative medicine that is available, is acupuncture and animal chiropracter.  Animal chiropractic is a type of therapy that addresses issues in your pets bones, muscles and nervous system. This is a specialized treatment that is complementary to your regular veterinary care. 

Animal chiropractic may help:

  • reduce pain
  • minimize injury
  • increase range of motion
  • restore proper biomechanics
  • improve joint function
  • improve quality of life
  • enhance performance

Check out the link below for an animal chiropracter in the Markham/Unionville area or contact us to see if this may be right for your pet.