One Method We Use To View Your Pets Internal Organs

Digital Radiographs

We offer digital x-rays at the Bridle Trail Veterinary Clinic. This allows us a shorter time to provide your pet with the best treatment.

Our registered veterinary technicians are highly trained with the equipment and the best way to take the radiographs with the least stress to your pet. Sometimes depending on the health of your pet as well as what the veterinarian wants to see, sedation may be required for the x-ray.

Having digital radiographs also allows us to be able to quickly send files to specialists and referral hospitals in case of emergencies.

Dental Radiographs

We have a new dental radiograph machine that allows us to take x-rays during our dental procedures. 

The veterinarian uses dental x-rays to determine the level of periodontal disease occurring below the gum line. Just looking at your pet's teeth, we can only see half of the picture. With dental radiographs, we can see the complete picture of your pets oral health and develop the most appropriate treatment plan. It allows us to see the quality of the roots underneath a tooth. Sometimes what looks to be a completely normal tooth above the gum line, can be completely resorbed below the gum line. It is also beneficial when extracting teeth. We can take a quick x-ray after the extraction to ensure the whole root was extracted.