COVID-19 Protocols

It is important to us here, at Bridle Trail Veterinary Clinic, to make sure that our client's & staff remain healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic.

March 23rd, 2020

Food Orders

Due to an increase in demand, our food supplier is a bit overwhelmed. They don't have enough staff to process all the orders coming in. There fore, they are allocating a certain amount of bags/cases to us per week that we are allowed to order. We have been informed that they have LOTS of product, the problem is just getting it to us.

Please help us get your pets food to them by giving us plenty of time to get the order in as it may take over a week (depending on what the food is), This way we can make sure that all of our patients food needs are covered during this time.

As of right now, medication orders should still arrive within the week. However, to be safe, please give us a weeks notice for any refills.

4dx testing

Ticks come out any time the weather is over 0 C or even feels like it (ie. a bright sunny day it will feel hotter then it really is). They have no "thaw" time and will latch on to your pet as soon as that temperature requirement is met. 

Having prevention is key to prevent your pet from getting any disease that ticks can carry such as lyme disease. It is always important to make sure your pet is negative of any diseases before starting prevention, which is why we recommend that your dog get a 4Dx test done yearly. This checks to see if your pet has heartworm, lyme disease and two other tick born illnesses. 

Due to COVID-19, we understand our clients have concerns about coming into the clinic. This is why we are now offering curbside 4dx testing. This means that all you need to do is pull up in front of the clinic and our RVTs (dressed up in our protective gear for you & their protection) will come out and collect a blood sample. We will then run the 4dx test in clinic, get your prevention medication all prepared and then bring it out to you. Payment will be done over the phone via credit card, this way minimizing the risk to our staff as well as yourself. We will be doing these Mondays, Tuesday mornings and Wednesdays until further notice

March 20th, 2020

Semi-Closed Door Policy

In order to protect our clients & staff and avoid having many people in our reception area, we are implementing a semi-closed door policy. 

We will be restricting access to the clinic by locking the doors. WE ARE STILL OPEN . Only 1 person will be allowed to come in with your pet and  only 2 clients will be allowed into the clinic

Please knock on the door  & our staff will assist you accordingly.

Food & medication pick up with not be done in the clinic. Please call the clinic (905 477 1190)  when you are in the parking lot & one of our staff will bring it out to you. 

Payment will be done over the phone via credit card


If you are in quarantine  and need food and/or medication, we can provide contact-less drop offs for it to be left at your door. Payment will need to be done over the phone before the delivery is made. There will be a delivery fee added to your order. Please contact the clinic for more details.

Thank you for your help in keeping our staff healthy so we can continue to help take care of your pet.

March 18th, 2020

Starting today & until further notice, we will be adjusting our hours.

Clinic Hours:

Monday - Friday:  8 am - 6 pm

Saturday: 9 am - 1 pm

We will be closing early on Mondays & Thursdays. The rest of the week remains unchanged.

Thank you for your understanding and allowing us to make sure we stay healthy to make sure we can continue to take care of your pets.