Holiday Hazards

Although this season is filled with lots of joy and laughter, there are some hazards that you should watch out for to protect your pet

Holidays can be a busy time of the year with relatives visiting and holiday parties. Accidents can happen and it is important to note the most common hazards to protect your pet.

  1.  Ethylene Glycol (otherwise known as anti-freeze): it is super sweet to pets but also highly toxic. Even a small dose can cause acute renal failure.
  2.  Chocolate - we may find this treat very scrumptious, however it is toxic to your pet. The degree of toxicity depends on the "purity" of chocolate, with unsweetened baking chocolate being the worse! If you suspect your pet has eaten some, please call the vet with the amount & what type of chocolate.
  3.  Prescription drugs - with visiting relatives that may not be used to pets, accidents can happen. Make sure that any medication is securely locked away as your pet do not react the same way as people do.
  4.  Poinsettia - These pets may cause gastric upset and they are best kept out of reach (or out of the house).
  5.  Raisins/Grapes - Although we do not know the exact reason raisins or grapes cause toxicity, even one can cause your pet to have renal failure
  6.   Mistletoe - Can cause vomiting or diarrhea if ingested.
  7.  Macadamia nuts - Can cause depression, inability to use hind limbs and loss of coordination.
  8.  Flower bulbs - Can cause vomiting or diarrhea if ingested
  9.  Road salt - Salt is good to prevent nasty spills but unfortunately are very hard on your pets paws. The best way to prevent is to put booties on your pet when they go outside or at least wipe their paws when they come back in.
  10.  Foreign bodies - With all the decorations around, there are plenty of things that your pet may find fun to play with. However, if ingested these can cause major issues and may require surgery to remove. Pet proof your house for the holidays by not having dangling ornaments in reach of cats, no tinsel on the tree, and decorations on shelves instead of on the ground, etc. 
  11.  Table scraps/change in diet - You may think that one piece of turkey may not hurt and allows your pet to enjoy some food while everyone is at the table. However, your pet is not used to this rich food and it can cause severe gastric upset. It may even result in an emergency trip to the vet for pancreatitis!
  12.  Hypothermia - Pets can be affected by the cold just like humans. Tip! If it is too cold for you, it is too cold for your pet!