Medical records need to be submitted before any appointment will be booked for your pet. Please contact your previous veterinary clinic and get them to send the records to [email protected].

This does not apply to new puppy/kitten appointments. Please state in the box about “relevant information” that it is a new puppy/kitten appointment.

Thanks, The BTVC Team

By clicking submit, you are consenting for your pet’s photos/videos to be published to Bridle Trail’s social media (Facebook & Instagram) and/or website. You authorize Bridle Trail Veterinary Clinic to edit, alter, share the photograph(s)/video(s) mentioned above. You waive any rights of compensation associated with the use of your pet’s image(s) for the commercial purposes outlined above. We will only ever post your pet’s name, age and/or breed. Never your own personal information.


If you wish to opt out of this, please make a note of it in the “relevant information” box on the form.