Cat Boarding

Are you thinking of going away and can’t take your cat? Who will take care of them while you’re gone? Don’t worry our clinic offer a boarding for our feline friends or we can recommend pet sitters that can watch them at the comfort of your home.

The health, well-being and security of your pet are our priorities, but there’s more. While you’re on vacation, we think your cat should feel like they are on vacation as well.

They can rest, be entertained and just feel good. They will be watched over and taken care of by qualified staff. We take care of everything and what’s even better; your vet is always close at hand. We can administer any medications needed as well as give your cat their annual check-up while they stay with us if needed.

To find out more about our rates or to book a stay at our clinic, give us a call and we would be happy to help.